Paralympic Games

Paralympic Games Wagering Review

The Paralympic Games follows on from the Olympic games. Sporting ability and determination face true unrivalled will within the Paralympics. Athletes that have distinct disabilities gather in one place to battle it out for the gold.

The Paralympic Games is nearly identical to the Olympics, with a crucial difference, the athletes competing in the games all face hindering disabilities. A tale of true will and determination, athletes competing in the Paralympic Games have overcome the odds by rising up to the ultimate challenge, which is representing their home land despite all the obstacles they face daily.

Competing Categories Within The Paralympics

The Paralympic Games features various categories of participation, namely impaired muscle power, impaired passive range of movement, limb deficiency, leg length difference, short stature, ataxia, vision impairment and intellectual impairment.

Paralympic Wagering

Athletes competing at the Paralympic Games continuously strive to compete with able-bodied athletes. Noble and honourable in gesture, this is just not a reality as of yet. There is a gross lack of funding within Paralympic Games committees.

The Paralympics does not receive the same kind of funding of the Olympics, as it is not considered to be large enough just yet, which hinders the progress of these noble warriors.

In spite of this there are a fair amount of wagers to be placed on the Paralympics.

Clear Winner Bets

These are wagers on a specific athlete to claim gold in a single event. These types of wagers are often the most lucrative with compelling odds.

Nation Medal Tally Bets 

Nation Medal Tally wagers are a pure prediction based game. You will need to estimate the country that will have the highest collection of gold medals by the end of the Paralympic Games. This can be done for silver and bronze medals alike.

Unusual Bets

The Paralympic Games, like the Olympics is an international sporting affair with the world’s greatest disabled athletes competing for the very same prize, the gold medal. This creates massive opportunities for punters looking to lay wagers on the games. Some unique wagers range from length of opening and closing ceremony to the athletes shattering able-bodied records.

Where It All Began 

Rome, 1960 is the official date of the first ever Paralympic Games. The games were initially only open to War veterans who had lost limbs or motor neuron efficiency. Today the Paralympic games have grown substantially with 4,342 athletes from 159 nations competing in the 2016 Paralympic Games.

Picking A Bookie With Bonus

Nearly all-online sports wagering sites offer a free bonus. Punters should keep their eyes peeled as certain institutions offer a free bonus that is only granted once a certain deposit has been made.

The bonus is also usually distributed in three or more sections and cannot be used on one single wager outright. Certain Terms and Conditions state that the wager needs to be laid on specific odds, it is essential to read the terms and conditions outlined for any free prizes given away.

The Paralympic Games does not see as much action as the Olympic games; there are bookies that do provide compelling wagers on a variety of disciplines within the tournament such as offering live AFL betting odds.

Punters opting to lay wagers on the Paralympic Games should only consider reputable bookkeepers. Highly regarded sports wagering establishments are fully licensed and registered in accordance with the laws of that specific region.